saponin analysis (Halva)

Saponin Analysis (Helva)
Saponin Analysis (Helva)

Tahini halva, which is one of the examples of our world-renowned taste, is obtained by adding and cooking sugar (sucrose), tartaric acid, citric acid and trash water by suitable techniques according to standards. During the production, cocoa, hazelnut, peanut, dried fruit, vanillin, chewing gum, bergamot, natural essences and flavoring ingredients such as milk powder are added. Briefly, the main components of tahini halva are tahini, sugar and wafer extract. Tahini is obtained from sesame seeds, while the extract of the sediment is obtained by boiling the roots of the seed. The active ingredient of the sediment extract is saponin compound. Saponin positively affects the color and structure of the halva, while at the same time it acts as an emulsifier and prevents oil leaking of the halva.

Saponins, which are very common in the world of plants, are compounds composed of glucose molecules, which enter into the group of biologically active glycosides, bubbling with agitation of aqueous solutions. It is considered important in the food sector due to its foam-forming properties. Saponins have high molecular weights and are available in various species depending on their activity. For example, some saponins form foams in water and exhibit detergent properties. Those with hemolytic activity have a pungent taste and are toxic to fish. These properties do not apply to all saponins but are used to separate saponin from natural products.

Saponins in plants are also used in diets. Saponin-containing foods are soybeans, peanuts, lentils, peas, spinach, oats, eggplants, potatoes, green peppers, tomatoes, tea and onions.

Saponins are nitrogen-free compounds and are colorless, odorless and irritating.

In authorized laboratories, saponin compound, artificial foaming agent, is analyzed in halva. In these studies, current legal regulations, world-wide analysis methods and standards are complied with. The standards considered in saponin analysis in halva are:

  • TS 2590 Tahini halva
  • TS 2589 Tahini