Quality our Policy

Our Quality Policy
Our Quality Policy

Our company EuroLab, as the first requirement of our quality policy, TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 operates in accordance with the General Conditions for the Qualification of Test and Calibration Laboratories and the ÖSAS Accreditation Service has received the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Certificate through the Austrian audits. In this context, our company continues its activities with the aim of continuously improving and improving its effectiveness.

Our company, which has the latest technology test, measurement and analysis devices, supports not only the test and analysis needs of the enterprises, but also supports domestic and foreign projects as a scientific research, development, training and measurement center.

The TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard contains the necessary conditions for the recognition of the qualifications of laboratories providing sampling, testing, measurement, analysis and calibration services. This standard also covers the conditions for the adequacy of testing, measurement, analysis and calibration services that are not met by a standard and are developed by the laboratory.

EuroLab, since its establishment in the year 2010 to protect and raise the reputation and reputation continues to work with the principle. The quality policy determined by our company includes:

  • To increase the satisfaction of customers and employees
  • Providing services in laboratory services above customer expectations
  • Continuously improve the quality of service
  • Provide a healthy and safe work environment for employees
  • To improve the technical, management and behavioral abilities of employees
  • Using technological equipment, materials and methods to achieve excellence in test, measurement, analysis and calibration quality
  • To apply the test and analysis methods accepted by local and foreign organizations and to follow the developments in this field
  • To protect the information of customers, to be impartial, to be independent and to work in accordance with business ethics
  • To be sensitive about human health and environmental security issues
  • To protect and raise the values ​​of the company

In EuroLab Our company is an organization that operates within the framework of the quality policy and disciplines its work in this way.