Industrial tests

Industrial Tests
Industrial Tests

Starting from the delivery of the seed to the soil, there are many processes in the agriculture and food sector that should be monitored until the genetic characteristics of the seeds, their health, the efficiency of the soil, the efficiency of the water, the right fertilization, the collection, storage, transportation and delivery of the products and reaching the consumer's door. These processes have specific risks, quality and reliability. The agriculture and food sector has responsibilities in terms of health and safety risks in the life of people as well as the protection of the environment. In food sector, many criteria must be complied with, and many measurements, tests, analyzes and evaluations should be done.

Reducing the possible risks of the enterprises and improving their performance in the automotive sector are among the priority targets. Independent, rigorous, fast and reliable solutions are expected from accredited laboratories, in order to ensure that both public institutions, manufacturing companies, finance companies, insurance companies and ultimately consumers do not experience both life safety and material losses.

In many industries, enterprises use chemicals during their production activities. Due to the harmful effects of these substances, it is the most important issue that people's property and property safety is not damaged and nature is not destroyed. In this respect, heavy metals, azo dyestuffs, toy safety, carcinogenic dyes, tinned organic compounds, PVC determination, water quality, microbiological tests in cosmetics, soil analyzes, chemical disinfectants and hundreds more chemical and microbiology tests, measurements, analysis and evaluation studies are needed. .

Likewise, in the construction sector, there is a need for testing and measurement studies carried out by authorized laboratories in many fields ranging from project management, material supply, machinery and equipment related services to supply chain services.

Consumer products and retailers operate in a wide range of industries including consumer goods, toys and products for children, electrical and electronic products, medical devices, cosmetics, personal care and home care products, textile products, accessories, food products and packaging. production in the range. Consumer products and retail products must be quality, healthy and reliable.

The natural resources of the earth are depleted, and global warming, changing climatic conditions, and unconscious destruction of nature require more efficient use of energy resources. New technologies are being developed that allow energy from natural sources such as wind, sun and wave. Renewable energy, wind energy, solar energy, hydroelectric energy and alternative fuels production and distribution activities. In the energy sector, flue gas measurement, thermal surface temperature measurement in machinery and equipment, power measurement in engines, thermal conductivity coefficient analysis of building elements, carbon footprint calculation, grounding measurements and hundreds of test and measurement services are needed.

Financial management and risk management are the most important issues for all enterprises, regardless of the sector they are operating in. Risk management is the identification and evaluation of the risks that may occur while carrying out the activities of the enterprises in detail, and taking measures to reduce or eliminate the effects of these risks.

Capital, energy and raw materials for the establishment and expansion of industrial facilities, transportation, marketing, labor force and technical staff are required. On the other hand, natural resources are in danger and they are being depleted. Today, adequate and realistic measures must be taken. At this point, there must be laboratories to test, analyze, and evaluate the many processes of industrial production.

In the pharmaceutical and health sector, new medicines are prepared and marketed on the one hand, depending on the new treatment methods. Designing, developing, testing and distributing these are the processes that require responsibility and must be followed carefully.

The basis of logistics activities is to ensure that the finished products reach the consumers in the right place, at the right time and in the right quality and to create cost efficiency in the enterprises. Nowadays, it takes the logistic services from outside to save labor, time and money. Depending on the transportation routes, measurement of cargo quantity, advanced cargo information, cleaning inspections, fuel surveillance, warehouse surveillance, loading and unloading activities, security services, personnel supply and transit monitoring services are important studies.

Along with globalization, technological developments, increasing legal regulations and audits and fluctuating markets, mining exploration and operation activities have become increasingly complex. Many processes must be professionally managed, including exploration work, plant design, engineering work, production activities, mine opening and closing processes. These services need to be measured and analyzed.

Oil and natural gas reserves are not sufficient in our country. There is a great deal of external dependence on this issue. An important part of natural gas is used in electricity production and industry. Therefore, electricity generation should be done in other ways. Hydroelectric power plants need to be multiplied, thermal power plants should be increased, wind and solar energy should be utilized or nuclear energy should be used. In these studies, it is very important to measure the activities, to make their analyzes and to evaluate the results.

Finally, everyone is now interacting with government agencies in some way and utilizing public sector services. Therefore, government organizations must perform better for consumers. At this point, as in all activities of the private sector, activities in the public sector should be measured and tested.

All these explanations reveal how important industrial tests are today.