Mission ve Vision

Mission and Vision
Mission and Vision

As EuroLab, the mission of our company is as follows:

  • To meet the needs of research, development and analysis of the enterprises and public and private organizations working in various fields, with advanced devices and latest technological methods.
  • To be a laboratory with internationally recognized qualifications with its trained, experienced and qualified employees, infrastructure and laboratory facilities
  • To follow the technological developments in the world closely and to aim the continuous development of the managers and employees in the staff
  • To have an understanding that constantly renews and develops itself from the technical point of view and to serve to its customers with an independent, impartial and confidential principles
  • To provide fast, timely and high quality measurement and analysis services to the organizations we serve, with appropriate methods, devices and expert personnel and with a good professional work and technical practice.
  • Supporting researches that open new horizons in science and projects carried out by domestic foreign organizations
  • All our work To comply with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 General Conditions for Qualification of Test and Calibration Laboratories
  • Providing conditions to prove our competence in testing, measurement, analysis and calibration services

As EuroLab, the vision of our company is as follows:

  • Establishing sustainable infrastructures that enable research and studies to develop new technologies and scientific studies
  • Participate in projects that contribute to the strengthening of domestic and foreign cooperation in this field and in this way to increase the competitiveness of our country and to improve the quality of human life.
  • Being a leading and preferred laboratory in the domestic and foreign sector in all areas we serve
  • In the field of laboratory studies to be the first and most preferred company
  • To care about rival organizations and always try to be ahead of them and to establish a long-term business relationship with forward-looking organizations