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Why US?
Why US?

There are many companies in Turkey that offer laboratory services. However, private or public institutions that will demand service from these laboratories are rightly concerned about how reliable these laboratories are, how high quality and fast they are, and where technological developments are.

In practice, there is no classification between laboratories. Although all laboratories claim to be good labs, there are no very clear criteria to prove their condition. However, although it may be, some observers in the laboratory selection and evaluation of a few points can give clues in the selection of the laboratory.

For example, if a laboratory has received a TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Certificate, it is continuing its activities in accordance with the General Conditions for Qualification of Testing and Calibration Laboratories. Our company has EuroLab TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Certificate.

If a laboratory has a well-trained, experienced and expert staff, it performs its testing, measurement, analysis and calibration works in a fast, accurate, reliable and quality manner. Our company EuroLab has a strong manager and staff.

If a laboratory uses modern and state-of-the-art tools and methods, and closely monitors the innovations and developments in the world, its work will be more accurate and accurate. It is necessary to have new technological equipment and to recognize and implement new methods in a timely manner without being behind technological developments. Our company EuroLab does not stay behind the age and has a modern technological background.

A laboratory must meet customers' expectations at the very first time, every time and without delay. EuroLab does not give any opportunity for customers to enter into new searches for any study.

For all these reasons, EuroLab is the leading and first-choice laboratory in the sector.