Environment Analyses

Environmental Analysis
Environmental Analysis

Technologies are developing rapidly, communication and transportation opportunities are increasing, boundaries are rising, the whole world is becoming global and almost the world is becoming a big village. All people and all people or organizations that produce a good or service have to keep up with this process of rapid development, transformation and change. In order to survive in this dizzying process, all enterprises must not miss the developments and take them into practice. Otherwise, the results can be expected in terms of environmental factors in which these enterprises are located and affected.

Within the framework of legal regulations, all persons and organizations, without the difference of natural persons or legal entities, have the right to operate in all fields, even if they are not in their articles of association, without any scope of activity.

In fact, every establishment has a life span. The important point here is how long this life can be. The lifespan of people who live a quality life depends on the quality of life in commercial areas and the quality of their activities.

In our country, the life of the enterprises is quite short when we look at the world averages. The oldest enterprises in our country are Hacı Bekir Delights founded in 1777 and Vefa Bozacısı established in 1860. The oldest enterprise in the world is the Japanese Congo Gumi, which operates in the construction sector. Founded in 578, the company went bankrupt in 14 after 2006 century. Another Japanese company operating in the hospitality industry (Nisiyama Onsen Keiumkan) was founded in 705 and is still alive.

According to the surveys, the number of 200 companies in Japan is over 3100 and more than 800 in Germany. In our country it is only 1.

When establishing a business, it is not primarily intended for short-term activity and short-term earnings. If the aim of business management is to be the biggest and always win, the results are never as expected. Unfortunately, this is the general approach in corporate organizations in our country so that businesses can not be long-lasting. The President of Toyota said in an interview that we have no goal of being big, we just aim to be the best.

All these explanations show that businesses have to be more constructive and willing to be permanent and good.

The subject of environmental analysis is also a need to be permanent and to be the best. Environmental analysis services are provided by many laboratories accredited by national and international accreditation bodies. The services provided within this framework may be collected under the following headings:


  • Emission measurements (eg, flue gas emission measurement, flue gas emission measurement, total organic carbon measurement, heavy metal measurement and analysis, total halogen sampling and determination, volatile organic compounds and vapor determination, ammonia measurement and analysis, sulfuric acid measurement and analysis, polyaromatic hydrocarbon measurement)
  • Imission measurements (eg, collapsing dust measurement, volatile organic compound measurement in ambient air, gas measurement in ambient air, heavy metal measurement in ambient air, ambient air exposure measurements)