Management Commitment
Management Commitment

Our company EuroLab is an enterprise with values. To give importance to quality, to be perfectionist in its activities, to give importance to the motivation of employees, to support the employees in their education and development, to be an entrepreneur and to follow technological innovations, to be honest with the private and or public organizations and employees who are waiting for their service To fulfill, to give importance to team work and to use the talents of employees in a positive way, as EuroLab is our greatest value.

In this respect, our first commitment as management is to protect human health and to support the protection of nature. For this purpose, EuroLab also supports social and cultural activities aimed at solving environmental problems as well as basic activities.

EuroLab management, in addition, is committed to act professionally and honestly, to give confidence to the private or public institutions that are serviced and to protect the company's reputation.

EuroLab is committed to avoiding prejudice, providing impartial and independent services and not compromising quality services against its employees and institutions.

EuroLab recognizes that among all laboratory companies operating in the same sector, there is a competition in line with the standards, and undertakes to make efforts to avoid unfair competition and to protect common interests in order to contribute to the development of the sector and to ensure the trust in the sector to be permanent.

Finally, EuroLab has the TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Certificate and undertakes to act in accordance with the General Conditions for Qualification of Test and Calibration Laboratories in all testing, measurement, analysis and calibration studies. It takes into account all national and international standards and generally accepted testing and analysis methods specific to these studies. According to the ISO 17025 Certificate, EuroLab has all the necessary conditions to prove its competence in providing the services it has committed.