Principles ve principles

Principles and Principles
Principles and Principles

Our company EuroLab, in accordance with the principles determined by the professional, reliable and a sense of responsibility is an organization that acts. The principles and principles determined by the senior management have been accepted by all managers and staff and activities are carried out in this direction. The principles and principles taken as EuroLab are as follows:

  • Quality service

EuroLab provides fast and high-quality service in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 General Conditions for Qualification of Test and Calibration Laboratories.

  • Responsibility

EuroLab is sensitive to the demands and problems of the needy businesses, it is sensitive in the search for solutions and behaves responsibly.

  • Be Reliable

EuroLab serves businesses in a mutual trust. In the test, measurement, analysis and calibration studies, complete and timely service is provided and the results reports are comprehensible, clear and accurate. It establishes relationships based on mutual trust with all the companies it serves.

  • To be respectful

EuroLab has created respect and trust for businesses not only in its region but also in all parts of our country and continues its activities within this framework. Dismisses the activities to reduce the reputation of the dignity.

  • Being honest

On the one hand, EuroLab is trying to be honest with the businesses that demand services and on the one hand with the official organizations. It does not go beyond the ethical rules in any way. It avoids closed and dishonest behavior in relations with customers and employees.

  • Taking care of social benefits

EuroLab primarily aims to protect human health and support the protection of nature. It supports social and cultural activities aimed at solving environmental problems as well as basic activities.

  • Compete

Numerous companies are active in national and international laboratory services. In this competitive environment, EuroLab avoids unfair competition by adhering to its principles, principles, values ​​and quality policy.