Cleaning ve disinfection Analyses

Cleaning and Disinfection Analysis
Cleaning and Disinfection Analysis

The subject of cleaning and disinfection is the whole of activities which should be applied in every area of ​​daily life, not only the enterprises. However, cleaning and disinfection activities are especially important in terms of social health and product quality. First of all, food products create a favorable environment for the growth of harmful microorganisms. Physical, chemical and microbial contamination of food can always happen and businesses need to be sensitive about this.

Contamination is caused by unwanted residues on any surface. This contamination may be of organic or inorganic nature. Although a certain classification cannot be made, some dirt, dust and soil are free soils. Some impurities may be of the water-soluble species such as sugar, salt. Some of the dirt, oil, protein, lime residues, such as water-insoluble species. But bacteria, viruses, yeast and mold contaminants are called microbial dirt.

Cleaning of tools and equipment used on various surfaces to remove dirt and debris, or to prevent them from transforming into a medium where they can multiply for microorganisms is called cleansing. The tools, equipment and equipment used cause contamination by direct or indirect means and must be taken with caution. The disinfection process is to kill all the microorganisms which may be the source of contamination in the environment after the cleaning, and to bring them to a minimum level.

Especially in food establishments, if the disinfection is not done after cleaning works, the benefit expected from the cleaning process cannot be obtained. Because during cleaning, a number of microorganisms are released and spread to a larger surface. This means the expansion of the environment in terms of their reproduction. Preventing this spread is only possible with disinfection processes. Therefore, the cleaning steps to be carried out in the operation must be followed by an appropriate disinfection process.

The effectiveness of the cleaning and disinfection processes can only be demonstrated by a number of tests, measurements and analyzes. National and international organizations Accredited laboratories are provided in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard. These laboratories operate in compliance with current legal regulations, generally accepted test methods and standards published by domestic and foreign organizations.

Cleaning and disinfection tests are collected under three main headings:

  • Detergent analyzes
  • Disinfectant analysis
  • Performance tests

Detergent analyzes, cleaning products physical and chemical analyzes, microbiological analyzes and bactericidal activity tests.

Disinfectant analysis of disinfection products physical and chemical analyzes, activity tests and bactericidal activity tests.

Both in domestic and foreign test methods are used as tests of detergents and disinfectants, tests, measurements, analyzes and evaluations are made and national and international published standards are taken as basis. There are many tests and analyzes under each heading. For example, only detergent products physical and chemical analyzes, determination of anionic active substance, determination of cationic active substance, determination of nonionic active substance, determination of total active substance, determination of sodium carbonate, determination of sodium tripolyphosphate, determination of EDTA, determination of sodium sulfate, determination of active oxygen, determination of active oxygen, determination of active chlorine determination, optical bleach determination, ph value determination, density determination, viscosity determination, total acidity determination, total alkalinity determination, free acidity and basicity determination and determination of water-insoluble matter tests are carried out.

As for performance tests, performance tests are carried out for the products of laundry group, kitchen group products, bath group products and general cleaning group.

In short, all enterprises, regardless of sector, are required to carry out cleaning and disinfection works in specified periods and to request the relevant tests and analyzes if necessary.