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About Us
About Us

Our company EuroLab, which has gained a respectable place in the sector since its establishment and provides fast, high quality, accurate and reliable results to its customers, will continue to provide its services in the direction of the same understanding.

The most important point of the laboratory work is to take, store and transport test or analysis samples under appropriate conditions. For example, if the stabilization is achieved with high precision, the results from the tests and analyzes will also be of high precision. Improperly reported results in the laboratories serving in the sector are predominantly due to errors in this stage before the analysis. Our company EuroLab informs the enterprises and organizations that it is working in advance on how and under which conditions the test samples will be taken. It is very important for our company to provide quality services, as well as the test samples, and the information related to these samples to be complete and accurate.

Test and analysis catalogs are kept up to date, sample collection processes, sample acceptance processes, test, measurement and analysis processes, results reporting processes, briefly all processes concerning our fields of activity are documented and our managers and employees act in accordance with these processes.

As EUROLAB, our company has been accredited by UAF - United Accreditation Foundation (American Accreditation) ISO IEC 17020, ISO IEC 17025, ISO IEC 17021 and TÜRKAK (Turkish Accreditation Agency) ISO IEC 17021 and all its testing, measurement and analysis services comply with these standard principles. gives.

EuroLab has a strong technological infrastructure and an experienced and trained manager and staff. At the same time, it continues to improve itself with its dynamic structure.

Our company EuroLab operates in accordance with internationally recognized Good Laboratory Practices. In this context, the quality and reliability of the test data is guaranteed. Human health and the protection of the environment is our first goal. Time, cost and resource savings are provided in the studies because the test repetitions are prevented. Good Laboratory Practices are particularly important in safety studies, in the development of agricultural pesticides, in the production of toxic chemicals, in the development of food additives, in the development of biocides, in the development of cosmetic products and in the testing of explosive materials.

Customers are rightly concerned about how reliable results are produced by many laboratories operating in our country. It is not possible to make a classification between laboratories. There are also no criteria to show that any laboratory is the best. Nevertheless, a few tips can be given to show that a laboratory is the most reliable and that results reports are accurate, accurate, reliable and of good quality. For example, to have modern and technological equipment, to have the necessary accreditations, to closely follow the developments in the world, to work in accordance with TS EN ISO / IEC 17020 and TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 standards, and to have an experienced, trained and expert staff. Our company EuroLab is an organization with all these features.

Our company EuroLab, offers a wide range of services to customers. The services provided can be listed as follows:

  • Environmental analysis
    • Soil and sewage sludge measurements
    • Water and wastewater measurements
    • Vibration measurements
    • Environmental noise and acoustic measurements
    • Imission measurements
    • Emission measurements
    • Electrical tests
    • Industrial tests
    • Occupational health and safety analysis
      • Indoor measurements
      • Personal exposure measurements
      • Mapping studies
    • Cosmetic analyzes
      • Physical and chemical analyzes
      • Protective activity test in cosmetics (challenge test)
      • Microbiological analyzes
      • Dermatological analyzes
    • Textile tests
      • Physical tests
      • Fastness tests
      • Flammability tests
      • Chemical and ecological tests
      • Microbiology tests
      • Specific tests
      • Products tested
    • Cleaning and disinfection analysis
      • Detergent analyzes
        • Physical and chemical analyzes
        • Microbiological analyzes
        • Bactericidal activity tests
      • Disinfectant analysis
        • Physical and chemical analyzes
        • Activity tests
        • Bactericidal activity tests
      • Performance tests
    • Food analysis
      • Physical analysis
      • Chemical analysis
      • Microbiological analyzes
      • GMO analyzes
      • Type analysis
      • Mycotoxin analysis
      • Packaging analysis
      • Biotoxin analysis
    • Calibration