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Leather Products Tests
Leather Products Tests

At first, leather products, which were only intended to meet the need for dressing, became increasingly demanded as an indicator of prestige and social status as well as their natural appearance, health and protection from cold.

Leather sector is a sector that exports high value-added products in our country and it is very important for the country's economy in this respect. The development of the leather sector and its continuous contribution to the economy also contribute to the development of the livestock sector in a sense. Leather processing is actually one of the oldest known arts on earth. Animal skins have been used for different purposes from the first humans.

In our country, leather sector is considered as the locomotive of the country's economy in terms of export potential. Among the total manufacturing industry production, the leather sector ranks tenth (percent 12). The most important share in the leather sector is in apparel products with a percentage up to 70. Shoes and saddlery products follow.

Our countryDue to its suitability and quality for the leather processing industry, it imports raw and processed leather from the European Union countries and exports leather garments, saddlery and shoe products.

Leather and leather products sector consists of many sub-sectors. For example, leather processing (tannery), leather garments, leather saddlery, footwear and footwear sub-industry and leather chemicals.

Of course, further development of the leather industry depends on the increase in product quality and reliability. Various leather goods tests performed in authorized laboratories are very necessary in this respect. Tests in this context are as follows: tear strength determination, tensile strength determination, elongation determination, thickness determination, washing fastness determination, sweat fastness determination, water fastness determination, rubbing fastness determination, light fastness determination, dry cleaning solution determination, pH value determination Determination of chromium (VI), determination of prohibited azo dyes, determination of extractable heavy metals, determination of water drop fastness.