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Tested Products
Tested Products

Textile products have always existed with the first people's need to protect themselves from heat, cold and wetness and to cope with difficult natural conditions. In the past, the needs that arose only for the purpose of protection and veiling have changed over time and textile products have started to meet the needs of looking at the human soul and looking beautiful in the fashion phenomenon. Even these needs have come to the fore.

Today, textile products take place at every moment of life. Textile products are used everywhere from baby clothes, diapers to shoes, hospitals, hotels, swallows, towels, bed sheets, tablecloths, bedspreads used in houses, quilts, sheets, curtains and even polyester fibers used in toothbrushes.

Today, technical textiles are mentioned. The share of technical textiles in traditional textile and garment sectors has reached 30 percent. Technical textile products, unlike traditional textiles and apparel products, are constantly growing and seen as a promising market. Studies on technical textile products in various countries are continuing intensively.

Technical textiles are used in different branches of industry, maritime, aerospace industry, military area, construction, medicine, transportation, geotextile area and advanced technology applications and functional products are used in the foreground.

Technical textile products are specially designed and produced in any textile product or production method or in order to fulfill a particular feature on its own.

Instead of technical textiles, it is also called non-traditional textiles, high performance textiles, industrial textiles or engineering textiles in different locations. In this field, textile products and textile materials are produced which are able to show high resistance against difficult weather conditions, various chemicals and microorganisms and show high performance properties such as fireproof or rub resistance.

With these studies in the field of textile, the textile sector has gone far from the point it started. However, on the other hand, for textile companies, these products have to be high quality and reliable. Consumers are now more conscious than before, and today consumer rights and consumer satisfaction are much more important. In order to achieve this, a number of tests, measurements, analyzes and evaluations should be carried out from the beginning of production processes, even from the supply of raw materials, at various stages and until the delivery of finished products to consumers.

For this purpose, laboratories operating in Turkey and all over the world based on the authority they have received from local and foreign accreditation institutions have been established. These laboratories use test and measurement methods that are accepted all over the world, act in accordance with legal regulations and apply the criteria, limitations and standards published by national and international organizations.

In this context, the major textile products tested by the laboratories mentioned can be listed as follows:

  • Fabric tests
  • Textile accessories tests
  • Clothing tests
  • Home textile tests
  • Leather goods tests
  • Bag tests
  • Shoe tests
  • Jewelry and accessories tests
  • Carpet tests
  • Floor coverings tests
  • Toy tests
  • Stationery tests
  • Baby care products tests
  • Personal care products tests
  • Detergent tests
  • Belt tests
  • Dress tests
  • Skin tests
  • Accessory tests
  • Curtain tests
  • Yarn tests
  • Buckle tests

Today, the appearance and comfort of textile products are no longer the decisive criteria. Functional, quality and reliable products are extremely important criteria. Tests and measurements carried out by accredited laboratories provide consumers with assurance.