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Customer happiness
Customer happiness

Today, it is one of the most important strategies in terms of customer satisfaction, increasing market share, gaining a competitive power and always being one step ahead of competitors. The most common reason why customers move away from a company is the employees' behavior and low service quality (close to 70).

In general, quality management systems to meet the expectations of the main customer, even beyond these expectations. However, there is no limit to customer expectations: understanding, communication, reachability, one-on-one interaction, trust, consistency, quickness, knowledgeable staff, quality, reasonable prices, customer-centric management and many other points. There are quite complex behaviors in determining the exact and correct needs of the customers. But these are not obstacles that will not be overcome.

In terms of companies providing laboratory services, the situation is not different. In order for the laboratories to survive, all elements of marketing have to be meticulously applied. Otherwise, it is impossible to survive for a long time with the competition experienced in this sector.

In laboratory services, customers expect to receive quality service and to be happy about it. It expects trained, experienced and expert employees. It expects testing, measurement, analysis or calibration services to be carried out with the latest technology tools and equipment. It expects reports to be clear, clear, clear, accurate and fast. All these are the elements that create customer satisfaction.

It is possible to classify customers as existing customers, new customers, potential customers, old customers and target customers. Our company EuroLab is aware of the fact that it is much more profitable to retain existing customers in this sector. On the other hand, it strives to acquire new customers.

EuroLab demonstrates the sensitivity required for customer satisfaction and continues its activities in this direction.