Fast Reporting

Quick Reporting
Quick Reporting

The most important stage of laboratory services is reporting. The data obtained from the tests, measurements, analyzes and calibrations carried out and the results of the study are delivered to the private or public institutions requesting these services in the presence of a report.

If the laboratory owns TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Certificate, all studies will be carried out in accordance with the General Conditions for Qualification of Testing and Calibration Laboratories and will be reported accordingly. As EuroLab, our company has TS EN ISO / IEC 17025 Certificate and both the studies and the final report are in compliance with these standard principles. The report prepared in this case is considered to be correct and reliable in all domestic and foreign institutions.

Test, measurement, analysis and calibration works are carried out in accordance with ISO 17025 standard and on the other hand it complies with the standards published by domestic and foreign organizations in accordance with the specifications of the study. However, in this case, the results reports are high quality, accurate and reliable.

At this point, the content and accuracy of the results reports are important as well as the rapid regulation of the reports. Rapid reporting is extremely important for all laboratories that provide measurement, analysis, testing, inspection, evaluation and calibration services for various purposes. EuroLab has determined its processes in this regard and in this context, with the sense of responsibility, it prepares the reports requested by the enterprises in the fastest way. These reports contain all the results of the studies, the eligibility status and the information necessary for their understanding and interpretation, accurately, completely and clearly.

In order to achieve this, EuroLab has established a strong management and staff and has a strong technological infrastructure. In order to carry out all the services it undertakes, it has a sufficient number of personnel in its related fields.