Artificial sweeteners determination - Dulce (HPLC)

Determination of Artificial Sweeteners - Dulcin (HPLC)
Determination of Artificial Sweeteners - Dulcin (HPLC)

When using sugar substitutes, it is necessary to be conscious. It is not considered dangerous to human health when the consumption of artificial sweeteners and other sugar substitutes is reasonable. It should not be forgotten that the fact that a food is sugar-free does not necessarily mean that it does not contain calories. Weight-causing factors are not only sugar but also the high calorie intake of foods. Processed foods, usually containing sweeteners, may not always be innocent.

Essentially, all kinds of sugar are harmful to human health. All kinds of sugar entering the body, triglycerides in the blood rise, insulin resistance in the body and causes fat in the liver.

Dulcin is a chemical compound that is an artificial sweetener. Its use in the food industry is no longer permitted. In today's living conditions, using food additives has become a part of the diet. However, while some of the food additives have carcinogenic effects in humans, some of them increase the activity of existing cancer cells.

Safe limit values ​​have been established for the consumption of certain food additives and these quantities are allowed to be present in foods. The use of such additives is prohibited if research has not established a safe limit and has clearly demonstrated carcinogenic effects in humans. For example, dulcin, a sweetener, is among such harmful additives. Dulcin, a synthetic sweetener, has been shown to cause liver cancer in humans and is forbidden to use.

In the context of chemical food analysis, studies are carried out by authorized laboratories to determine the dulcin substance among various artificial sweeteners. In these studies, high performance liquid chromatography method (HPLC) is preferred and the standards published by local and foreign organizations are followed. In HPLC method, mobile phase is given at very high pressure and separation at higher resolution is provided.