Fat determination (Total) (Animal Fat Including Products)

Oil Determination (Total) (Products containing animal fat)
Oil Determination (Total) (Products containing animal fat)

The role of animal foods in balanced nutrition is very important. It is the main source of nitrogenous nutrients and animal proteins of high biological value, inorganic substances and many important vitamins. The main components of meat are water, protein, fat and inorganic substances. Small amounts of carbohydrates, vitamins, organic acids and enzymes are available. The meat separated from the oil contains, on average, 70-75 water, 13-22 nitrogenous substances, 0,5-3,5 fat and 1 percent inorganic substances. Proteins are the most important part of meat.

The fats attached to the flesh are mostly esters of glycerol and fatty acids such as palmitin, sterin and olain. There are also fatty acid esters of cholesterol and lecithin.

Different methods such as Gerber method, extraction method or Weilbull-Stoldt method are used to determine the amount of fat in meat products containing animal fat. The most preferred method is the Gerber method. In this method, a portion of 3-5 grams of meat product passed through a meat grinder or finely chopped is crushed and a suitable amount of sulfuric acid is added. The device is adjusted to the 60-70 degree and waited until the fat parts of the meat are completely dissolved. The resulting oil is collected in the form of a dark brown layer and, after being placed in a tube, an appropriate amount of amyl alcohol is added thereto. The tube is then centrifuged at 2000 rpm for 5 minutes. The tube is then placed in the device and held for a while. At this time, the amount of oil collected at the top is read from the scale and the measurement is completed.

In the scope of chemical food analysis, total fat determination studies are carried out by the authorized laboratories in products containing animal fat. During these analyzes, the relevant legal regulations and the standards issued by national and international organizations are followed.