theobromine amount determination (HPLC)

Determination of theobromine content (HPLC)
Determination of theobromine content (HPLC)

Nitrogen-containing organic compounds such as caffeine and theobromine are very common in the world. In general, these compounds are called alkaloids and have more than sixty varieties. Theobromine compound is the basic alkaloid found in cocoa and the bitter taste of cocoa is due to it.

Theobromine is also present in a large amount of chocolate. Theobromine, a kind of alkaloid, is actually a molecule very similar to the well-known caffeine. The main alkaloid of cocoa used in chocolate making is theobromine. Theobromine is obtained from the leaves and seeds of the cocoa plant. This name is already derived from the Latin name of the cocoa plant (theobroma cacao). Theobromine has more stimulating effect on humans than caffeine. Theobromine is approximately 10 times higher than caffeine in humans. But it is not harmful to humans. Moreover, it is used in the treatment of high blood pressure because it dilates the vessels. In addition, this substance dilates blood vessels and regulates low blood pressure. In addition, theobromine is used in cough syrups because it relaxes the bronchial muscles in the lungs.

In contrast, this compound is toxic to horses and dogs. Because these animals metabolize theobromine very slowly. They remain toxic for a long time.

Different chocolates contain different amounts of theobromine. For example, bitter chocolates contain about 10 g / kg theobromine, while milk chocolates contain at most 5 5 g / kg theobromine.

At the authorized laboratories, theobromine content determination studies are performed with high performance liquid chromatography method (HPLC) within the scope of chemical food analysis. The HPLC method is generally a method that allows the application of higher phase moving phase and higher resolution separation. In these studies, standards and test methods issued by national and international organizations are followed. The standard for the determination of theobromine content in chocolate is:

  • TS 7800 Chocolate