Sodium Carbonate Calling (Qualitative)

Sodium Carbonate Search (Qualitative)
Sodium Carbonate Search (Qualitative)

Sodium carbonate is one of the sodium derivatives and is generally used in the composition of laundry and tulle whitening and anti-scale products and detergents. Plays white in natural environment, colorless, transparent and solid state. It is a basic salt. Crystal soda used by housewives when boiling laundry in boilers or in roller washing machines sodium carbonate, but diluted with water.

Sodium carbonate is used in the food sector. In particular, alkali carbonate and bicarbonates are used to neutralize the milk acid, ie lactic acid, formed in the milk. When these substances are added to the milk, the coagulation of the milk is delayed, the expected acidity level from the culture added for cheese production cannot be achieved and a suitable medium for the growth of the bacteria that break down the protein is formed.

Carbonates are also added to the milk to prevent the milk from being cut before processing, especially on hot summer days, and the most commonly used form is sodium bicarbonate. This substance is commonly known as baking powder among the public. Sodium carbonates are widely used because they are easy to dissolve in cold water and are economical. In addition, sodium carbonate reduces acidity in milk and stops hydrolysis in invert sugar production.

Whether or not sodium carbonate is added to the milk by qualitative method is determined by using rosalic acid. During the test, non-carbonate-added milk produces a light brown, orange color. If a rose pink color is formed, it is understood that carbonate is added to the milk.

In the authorized laboratories, sodium carbonate analyzes in milk are carried out within the scope of chemical analyzes. In these analyzes, standards and test methods published by local and foreign organizations are followed and reliable and impartial service is provided in laboratories. The standard used in the determination of sodium carbonate by qualitative method is as follows:

  • TS 1018 Cow's milk - raw