Silicon Dioxide determination (Scarce In water)

Determination of Silicon Dioxide (Kit with Water)
Determination of Silicon Dioxide (Kit with Water)

Silicon dioxide is more commonly known as silica and is a chemical compound containing silicon and oxygen. Silicon dioxide has been known and used since the sixteenth century. It is mostly used in glass, porcelain, tiles and concrete. Silicon dioxide has different crystal forms of 17, such as topaz, amethyst and quartz. Silicon is the most abundant element on earth after oxygen. The silicon content of the surface is close to 28 percent.

In natural conditions, it is found in the structure of some stones and quartz and mostly spreads as dust. Long-term inhalation of silicon dioxide increases the risk of lung cancer.

Silicon dioxide has been shown to strengthen connective tissue, particularly in the formation of bone and cartilage. In addition, silicon as the basic element of life activates cell production and metabolism, delays the aging process, preserves the vitality of the skin and promotes physical and mental activities. It also prevents hair loss, nail breakage, cellulite formation and biological aging. Hot springs are important places for those who want to benefit from these effects of silicon. There is more than 80 mg silicon dioxide in one liter of the spa water. This silicon dioxide provides cell regeneration and cleanses the stomach and intestines when it is drunk and when it is bathed, it is good for pain by interacting with sulphates. Silicon is among the 25 elements, which are necessary for the nutrition and normal development of the human body and ranks third among them.

In agriculture, it is known that silicon applied to the field increases the productivity of plants and increases the resistance against insect pests and fungal diseases. The silicon content of plants is also important for humans and animals who consume these plants as nutrients.

Determination of silicon dioxide in water in authorized laboratories is carried out using the kit. In these studies, standards and current legal regulations published by domestic and foreign organizations are complied with.