Sugar components determination

Determination of Sugar Components
Determination of Sugar Components

The determination of sugar in the food sector is applied in all foods containing sugar such as milk and dairy products, vegetable and fruit products and meat and meat products. Carbohydrates are the basic nutrients synthesized by plants. Like vegetables and fruits, foods made from them always contain carbohydrates. Among these carbohydrates are glucose, fructose and sucrose. Sugar determination studies in foods are carried out with the aim of determining the total amount of sugar and invert sugar present in the composition of foods, directing the production activities, determining the amount of energy they contain and determining whether they comply with the standards.

According to experts, carbohydrates and sugars found in foods are beneficial to human health in a balanced diet and are part of an active lifestyle.

The analysis of sugar components includes the following: sucrose determination, glucose determination, fructose determination, maltose determination, lactose determination and invert sugar analysis.

Many methods of sugar determination utilize the reducing properties of carbohydrates. Three methods are mainly used for sugar determination: volumetric method, gravimetric method and instrumental method. Volumetric method is mostly used.

In the year 2006, the Turkish Food Codex Sugar Communiqué (Communiqué no: 2006 / 40) was issued by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the principles for the production, preparation, processing, storage, storage, transportation and marketing of sugars with appropriate techniques and hygienic conditions were explained. This Communiqué covers white sugar, semi-white sugar, refined sugar, sugar solution, invert sugar solution, invert glucose syrup, sugar syrup, fructose and powdered sugar. There are limit values ​​on the basis of sugar products covered by the Communiqué.

Sugar laboratories also carry out the determination of sugar components within the scope of chemical food analysis. These standards are based on a few standards:

  • TS 861 White sugar (sucrose)
  • TS 12067 Invert sugar syrup