Sugar components - Sugar determination (Total Candy) (Titrimetric)

Sugar Components - Determination of Sugar (Total Sugar) (Titrimetric)
Sugar Components - Determination of Sugar (Total Sugar) (Titrimetric)

Plants form carbohydrates through photosynthesis, and carbohydrates are nutritional factors that energize the body. All fruits and vegetables and foods made from them always contain carbohydrates. There are basically three types of carbohydrates: glucose, fructose and sucrose. Sugar determination studies are applied to all fruit and vegetable products, milk and milk products, meat and meat products, that is, all food products containing sugar in its structure.

Sugar determination studies also determine the total amount of sugar present in the composition of these foods. Sugar determination methods utilize mainly the reducing property of carbohydrates. Therefore, in the analysis methods based on this, reducing sugars are determined in bulk and individual amounts cannot be determined. For example, the amounts of glucose and fructose cannot be determined separately, but together as invert sugar. When determining the amount of sucrose, sucrose is first converted to invert sugar and then the sucrose is determined using the reducing property of invert sugar. Briefly, total sugar determination method is applied.

However, each of the amounts of glucose, fructose and sucrose can also be determined separately using other methods, particularly enzymatic methods. These methods are generally titrimetric methods. These are divided into volumetric method, gravimetric method and instrumental methods. Volumetric method is the most preferred method.

The role of carbohydrates and therefore sugars in nutrition is undeniable. However, in recent years, doubts have been expressed about whether or not sugar has negative effects on health and various researches have been conducted in this regard.

In the authorized laboratories, various sugar components analyzes are performed between chemical food analyzes. Among these, total sugar content determination by titritmetric method is included. In these analyzes, standards and test methods published by local and foreign organizations are followed and reliable and impartial service is provided in laboratories.