Sugar components - Lactose determination (Titrimetric)

Sugar Components - Determination of Lactose (Titrimetric)
Sugar Components - Determination of Lactose (Titrimetric)

Lactose is found only in milk in nature and is the most important carbohydrate in milk content. Lactose has a very important share in the aroma of milk. The lactose ratio is around 4 in cow, sheep and goat milk, while it is around 7 in breast milk. Because breast milk contains a higher percentage of lactose than cow's milk, cow's milk to be given to the child should be enriched in lactose care. The lactose administered to the baby in this way is beneficial for the metabolism of the baby.

Lactose is a complete source of energy. It allows the body to make better use of calcium and phosphorus. In this respect, it plays an important role in bone and tooth formation and nutrition of babies.

Turkish Food Codex Communiqué on Raw Milk and Heat Treated Drinking Milk (Communiqué no: 2000 / 6) annexes contains the characteristics and limit values ​​that raw milk and processed milk should carry.

In spite of all its benefits, lactose can cause discomfort in some people. Lactase is an enzyme produced by small intestine cells that breaks down lactose in the body. If the lactase enzyme is produced incompletely in the intestine, then lactose cannot completely break down in the intestine and pass into the blood. The body's ability to tolerate lactose in this way creates a health problem.

Lactose determination among sugar components is carried out in authorized laboratories within the scope of chemical food analyzes. Titrimetric methods are among the methods used in these studies. This method is based on measuring the amount of any solution of known concentration reacting with the analyte. Titrimetric methods have different applications in itself. For example, in the volumetric method, the volume of a solution of known concentration is measured. In the coulometric method, the time taken to complete the electrochemical reaction is measured. In gravimetric method, the mass of the reagent is measured instead of volume.

The following standard is used in the determination of lactose among milk components:

  • TS 1018 Cow's milk - raw