Salicylic Acid analysis (Food ve Beverages) (Qualitative)

Salicylic Acid Analysis (Food and Beverages) (Qualitative)
Salicylic Acid Analysis (Food and Beverages) (Qualitative)

Milk is the only nutrient used by people of all ages as a source of nutrition and contains all the elements required by adequate and balanced nutrition. Milk is superior to other food products because of its fat, protein, milk sugar, vitamins and minerals. The natural quantities and ratios of these compounds, which are called dry matter in milk, have been determined.

Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs Turkish Food Codex Communiqué on Raw Milk and Heat Treated Drinking Milk (Communiqué no: 2000 / 6), raw milk and heat-treated drinking milk, milk products and milk-based products used in the production of milk, appropriate techniques and regulates production, storage, transportation and placing on the market under hygienic conditions.

The Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Rural Affairs has also issued the Turkish Food Codex Communiqué on Fermented Dairy Products (Communiqué No: 2009 / 25). This Communiqué regulates the principles for the production, storage, storage, transportation and placing of fermented dairy products in suitable hygienic conditions.

These communiqués also include the characteristics and values ​​of raw and fermented milk.

However, milk is among the most fraudulent nutrients, and with the tricks, the physiological, economic and nutritional properties of milk are eliminated. In particular, disruptions and breakdowns occur in the protein structure of the milk, preventing the processing of the milk in various ways. It is forbidden to include preservatives in order to ensure long-lasting milk. However, hydrogen peroxide, sodium carbonate and salicylic acid are the most common preservatives.

In laboratories, not only in milk, but also in all foodstuffs and beverages, qualitative search for saicylic acid is carried out. In these test studies, the standards published in our country and foreign countries are complied with.