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Detection of Pig Gelatine in Pure Crystallized Gelatine
Detection of Pig Gelatine in Pure Crystallized Gelatine

Gelatin is a transparent, colorless and odorless substance obtained from connective tissues such as bone and cartilage of animals or from vegetable algae. In general, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and photographic gelatin are used in medicine. In the food industry, gelatin is used to increase the durability of food products and to extend shelf life.

Gelatin is predominantly found in pigs, small amounts of cattle and fish. Gelatin is obtained by boiling the skin, bone and connective tissues of these animals together.

In laboratories, gelatin analyzes are performed to determine whether gelatin is used in food products and if so, to determine the types of gelatin. With the analyzes, reliable reports are obtained about the types and contents of gelatin in food products and it is determined whether the gelatin has the legal regulations and related norms published on this subject.

Gelatin is a pure protein obtained by hydrolyzing collagen, especially found in the bones of animals. Percent 90 content is protein, the rest is water and minerals.

Since gelatin is a natural, pure protein and healthy product, the E code is not given and it is not accepted as a food additive either in the European Union or in our country. The human body does not produce gelatin, but contains ten amino acids, which are essential for the human body.

In the food industry, gelatin is used for many different purposes. The properties such as thickening, gelation, foaming, stabilization, stabilization and film formation are mainly utilized. It is preferred by most confectionery producers in the food sector. It is also used for clarifying fruit juices, meat and dairy products, and drinks and food products used by athletes.


In the laboratories, studies are carried out to search for porcine gelatin in pure crystallized gelatin. The current legal regulations and standards published in our country and foreign countries are complied with in these test studies.