proline determination

Determination of Proline
Determination of Proline

The proline compound is one of the amino acids 20 that forms proteins. The honey contains 20 from this known 15 amino acid. But the most important and the most important of these is proline. Proline is transferred to honey by bees during honey formation.

The quality of Anzer honey is famous all over the world. Anzer honey 1335 has a proline value. The base value 300 proline is determined by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock as the quality value in bee production. This limit was until recently 1 mg per kilogram of 180. However, after recent fraud, this value has been increased to 1 mg per kilogram of 300.

This limit is imposed and counterfeiting the honey in order to prevent the mixing of another substance into the honey. Determination of proteins in honey is important to know whether honey is artificial or natural and to know the nutritional values ​​of honey.

The Turkish Food Codex Communiqué on Honey (Communiqué no: 2012 / 58) was published by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in 2012. This Communiqué describes the principles for the production, preparation, processing, storage, transportation and placing on the market of honey with appropriate techniques and hygienic conditions. The communiqué includes flower honey, glandular honey and a mixture of honey. In the Communiqué, the proline content of these honey varieties was determined as the lowest 300 mg / kg, whereas for flower honeys this limit was explained as 180 mg / kg in canola, linden, citrus, lavender and eucalyptus honey and 120 mg / kg in rosemary and acacia honey.

In authorized laboratories, flower honey, secretion honey and their mixture of honey in the determination of proline studies are made. In these analysis studies, standards and analysis methods published in our country and foreign countries are followed and reliable and impartial service is provided. The standard considered for the determination of proline is:

  • TS 3036 Honey