Pesticides determination (LC-MS, LC-MS / MS)

Pesticide Determination (LC-MS, LC-MS / MS)
Pesticide Determination (LC-MS, LC-MS / MS)

Today, pesticides are an integral part of modern agricultural activities. Depending on the increase in the product, 10-15 varieties of pesticides are applied annually in fruits and vegetables. In many applications more than one active ingredient is also used. These active substances are especially prepared to prevent disease and kill harmful and weeds. Pests and weeds unfortunately cause serious losses in agriculture. These losses occur not only in production but also during harvesting, storage and processing. With the use of pesticides, diseases are prevented and the reproduction of pests and weeds is prevented, thereby increasing production and quality. Pesticide has been used in the world and in our country since the years of 1940.

Pesticides are toxic and biocidal substances (ie containing one or more active substances and ready-to-use substances. Therefore, pesticides are found everywhere in soil, air, water, snow, rain, ice, ground and surface water. In short, all living things are affected by pesticides.

Since pesticides are toxic to a certain extent, they have negative effects on humans and the environment. However, our world is facing serious problems. The population is growing rapidly and people need 20 million tons of food every year. There are no new agricultural areas for production to meet this need. Then it is necessary to make more production in the existing areas. In the face of these facts, it is not possible to easily abandon the use of pesticides.

Many different methods are used to determine the amount of pesticides in foods. These methods include:

  • LC-MS (Liquid Chromatography - Mass Spectroscopy)
  • LC-MS / MS (Liquid Chromatography - Mass - Mass Spectrometer)

In laboratories, determination of pesticide in fruits and vegetables is carried out. In addition to this, the standards prepared by the organizations operating in our country and foreign countries and the methods of analysis accepted in the world are complied with.