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Cottonseed oil is a kind of vegetable oil obtained by grinding and squeezing the cotton seeds consisting of different cotton seeds. Cotton oil, which has a dark brown to reddish color, has more shelf life than many other types of oil. Domestic cotton seeds contain cotton oil between 30-40. It is an odorless and sweetish oil. However, after purification, it is used as food.

The human body does not produce Omega 6 and Omega 9 fatty acids. So he has to get from the outside. Cotton oil is a very nutritious oil with these properties and its usage area is much wider than other types of oil.

Refined cotton oil is used as vegetable oil in meals. Cotton oil which is very resistant to heat is very suitable for frying. When used in frying, it makes the fried food more crisp.

However, in the food industry, as in many other fields, people are deceived in olive oil. Cotton oil is added to the olive oil, which is cheaper and apparently unnoticeable. This situation, which is determined by tests and analyzes to be performed in laboratories, is kept under control in terms of deceiving people and creating unfair competition environment even if it does not create a health problem.

Although not fully proven, there are claims that cotton oil causes infertility in men. However, it is a fact that it is beneficial for the human body in terms of the vitamins and minerals it contains.

In the authorized laboratories, cotton oil analyzes are carried out within the scope of chemical tests and the standards published by the organizations operating in our country and foreign countries and the methods of analysis accepted in the world are followed. In addition, reliable and impartial service is provided in these laboratories. A few standards considered in these analyzes are:


  • TS 887 Cooking cotton oil
  • TS 8188 Raw cotton oil