Oxidation Number determination

Determination of Oxidation Number
Determination of Oxidation Number

Oxidation or oxidation is the chemical reaction that causes the separation of electrons from an atom or molecule. In a chemical reaction process, the electron uptake of an element is called reduction. Reduction in chemical activities is called reduction and oxidation is called oxidation.

Oxidation or oxidation is a chemical reaction that separates electrons from an atom or molecule.

In chemistry, the reaction of two or more elements to lose their properties at the end of the interaction and form new substances is called reaction. In such a reaction, the number of atoms, total protons, total neutrons, total electrons and nucleus stability do not change. However, the number of electron levels of atoms, the total number of molecules and the total volume of a number of properties vary. In other words, chemical reactions occur at the end of chemical reactions.

Reactions take place in various ways. Oxidation and reduction reactions are one of them. This reaction involves the transfer of electrons. In the oxidation reaction, the electron is lost or the number of oxidations increases. In the reduction reaction, the electron is recovered or the oxidation number decreases.

In order to calculate such reactions, it is necessary to know the oxidation numbers of atoms and compounds. The oxidation number of all atoms in the element state is zero. Within certain rules, the number of oxidations of atoms forming a compound is calculated.

According to some recent research results, oxidation in food products poses serious health hazards. In addition to the oxidation of lipids in food products, the spread of bad tastes and odors also has cancer-causing risks. The rate of oxidation of lipids depends on certain conditions, such as oxygen concentration, the width of the lipid and oxygen contact surface, the type and amount of fatty acids, the temperature and humidity of the medium, and the amount and effectiveness of the antioxidant.

In authorized laboratories, oxidation number determination studies are carried out between chemical tests. In these studies, standards and test criteria published by domestic and foreign organizations are complied with.