Nitrate determination (Ion Chromatography)

Determination of Nitrate (Ion Chromotography)
Determination of Nitrate (Ion Chromotography)

Nitrate is present in very small amounts in surface waters and groundwater which have not been contaminated with nitrogen compounds before. The significant rise of nitrate in these waters indicates that domestic and industrial wastes containing ammonium and organic nitrogen are mixed into these waters or that nitrate is discharged directly into these waters.

Nitrate discharges are caused by industrial wastewater containing nitrate compounds or by transporting nitrated fertilizers used in agricultural areas with rainwater.

If the nitrate concentration exceeds 10 mg per liter, it can cause blue baby syndrome, especially in infants. Because the digestive system of infants during this period has not developed yet.

The presence and quantity of nitrates in water is difficult to detect due to various attempts. Since there are more interfering substances in wastewater, it becomes even more difficult in these waters. The method to be applied is determined according to the characteristics of wastewater, nitrate concentration and sensitivity of the method.

Brucine method is mostly used in chemical determination of nitrate ion. The yellow color formed during the reaction between brucine and nitrate is read on the spectrophotometer and this value is compared with the readings of the standard solutions. Brucine is a toxic alkaloid.

Nitrate content determination studies are carried out in authorized laboratories by ion chromatography using chemical tests. A few standards considered in these analyzes are:


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