Mineral Fat amount determination

Determination of Mineral Oil Amount
Determination of Mineral Oil Amount

Mineral oil is in fact an oil derivative and has been used for many years, from baby oils, moisturizers, shower gels, shampoos and various cosmetic products because of its easy production, high availability and low cost. Since the use of natural products has become more attractive in recent years, the health of mineral oils produced from oil has been discussed. Some researchers argue that mineral oil can cause cancer in humans and cause skin aging, while others argue that this is not true.

However, the International Cancer Research Agency, which is affiliated with the World Health Organization, accepts that mineral oils, which have a low degree of classification and weakness according to the refining of mineral oils, have a carcinogenic effect in humans. It has been accepted that mineral oils which are refined very well do not cause cancer in terms of human health. The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) also considers highly refined oils only suitable for the cosmetic industry.

Although the results of the research to date show that mineral oil is not as harmful as it is thought, more research is needed on this subject. Instead of synthetic substances, those who favor naturalness continue to oppose mineral oil.

The situation is even more controversial, especially in terms of the food sector. As it is known, mineral oils are used as additives in food industry. E905 coded paraffin is used in confectionery and fast food products in order to make the products brighter and luminous.

Determination of mineral oil content is carried out in authorized laboratories within the scope of chemical tests. In these studies, the standards published by domestic and foreign organizations and the test methods and test criteria accepted worldwide are followed and a reliable and impartial service is provided in the laboratories.