carboxy Methyl Cellulose determination (HPLC)

Carboxy methyl cellulose determination (HPLC)
Carboxy methyl cellulose determination (HPLC)

Carboxy methyl cellulose is used most commonly in the food industry and is an important food additive that improves the hydrophilic properties, structure and functional quality of the food products it is added to.

In the food sector, sodium salt of carboxy methyl cellulose is mostly used. In non-food uses, potassium, calcium, ammonium and other salts are produced. Sodium carboxy methyl cellulose is white powder in color and has a fibrous appearance. Easily soluble in hot and cold water. In the natural state, the pH value is 8,3, whereas for better dissolution the pH value is produced between 6-7,5 in commercial use. The lower the pH, the lower the solubility. If the pH falls below 4, the carboxy methyl cellulose is insoluble in water. The calorific value of sodium carboxy methyl cellulose is zero.

Carboxy methyl cellulose is odorless, non-toxic and biodegradable. In the food industry, dairy products such as fruit yogurts and chocolate drinks, frozen fish and products such as fried and frozen potatoes and potato chips, all ready soups, spicy sauces and ketchup, cakes, pastries or creams used on cakes, mayonnaise, diet and sports drinks, carboxy methyl cellulose.

Apart from the food industry, this chemical compound is also used in the production of cosmetic products such as toothpastes, creams and lotions, and powders and liquid detergents. Carboxy methyl cellulose acts as a thickener, binder and stabilizer in these products.

Within the scope of chemical analyzes, carboxy methyl cellulose determination studies are performed by using High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) device in authorized laboratories. These studies comply with the standards published by national and international organizations and test methods accepted worldwide. The following are some of the basic standards for the determination of carboxy methyl cellulose:


  • TS 6670 Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose - used in the food industry
  • TS 6677 Sodium carboxymethyl cellulose - Determination of water-insoluble matter