hydroxymethyl furaldehyde determination (HPLC)

Determination of Hydroxymethyl Furfurol (HPLC)
Determination of Hydroxymethyl Furfurol (HPLC)

If honey is heated for a prolonged period of time, enzyme loss occurs and hydroxymethyl furfurol is formed by decomposition of fructose. If the honeys are left at high temperatures for a long time or if stored in bad conditions for a long time, the nutrient content of honey decreases and the amount of hydroxymethyl furfurol begins to increase. Increasing the amount of hydroxymethyl furfurol is undesirable in honeys. Therefore, the determination of hydroxymethyl furfurol in honeys is made.

In 2012, the Turkish Food Codex Honey Communiqué (Communiqué no: 2012 / 58) was published by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock. This communiqué has been prepared with the aim of regulating the production, preparation, processing, storage, transportation and placing on the market of honey with appropriate techniques and hygienic conditions. In the annex of the Communiqué, all features of honey are listed (Annex 1). According to the values ​​described herein, the amount of hydroxymethyl furfurol to be present in the honey content, flower honey, secretory honey and their mixture should not exceed 40 mg / kg in honey.

It is offered to consumers as honey, liquid or semi-liquid. In general, honey is saturated with glucose, which can be crystallized and granulated in the form of glucose hydrate. To stabilize the liquid honey, it must be filtered under pressure and sugar crystals and other crystal seeds removed from the honey. The honey is heated, its viscosity is reduced during processing and bottling, the glucose is made completely soluble and pasteurized.

Hydroxymethyl furfurol determination according to HPLC method is carried out in authorized laboratories within the scope of chemical tests. This method, using a High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) device, is highly sensitive and gives precise results in the separation of non-volatile or easily degradable compounds at temperature.

The standard used to determine the amount of hydroxymethyl furfurol in honey is:

  • TS 13356 Determination of hydroxymethylfurfural content in honey - High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method