phosphatase activity determination (Test)

Phosphatase Activity Determination (Test)
Phosphatase Activity Determination (Test)

Alkali phosphatase determination studies are performed to detect the presence of inactivated alkaline phosphatase enzyme at the temperature at which the most heat-resistant pathogen microorganism dies, ie when the milk is exposed to heat at 63 degrees 30 minutes, or 72 degrees 15 seconds. The alkaline phosphatase enzyme breaks down the phosphoric acid esters into phosphorus nitrophenol and phosphate in an alkaline solution with a pH between 9-10. The occurrence of yellow color during the test indicates that alkaline phosphatase enzyme is present in milk or dairy products.

Phosphotase activity tests also reveal whether raw milk is added to the pasteurized milk. In this test, phosphatase activity is used as a separation method and it can be detected that raw milk is added to the pasteurized milk even at the level of 0.2.

Pasteurization process is a process developed by Pasteur and named by it. With this process, the microorganisms in the food are eliminated with the help of heat. In the food sector, this heating method is also used to remove nutrients from disease-causing microorganisms.

Pasteurized milk is the milk used as drinking milk or in the production of dairy products, obtained by cooling in a short time immediately after the pasteurization process of raw milk standardized and homogenized in special facilities. Pasteurized milks should show negative reactions in alkaline phosphotase tests. Otherwise, either pasteurization is not fully realized or raw milk is added to the pasteurized milk.

Turkish Food Codex published by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock Communiqué on Methods of Analysis of Condensed Milk and Milk Powder (Communiqué no: 2002 / 16), explain the analysis methods of milk and milk powders. This Communiqué has been prepared taking into account the directive on the Analysis Methods of Darkened Milk and Milk Powders from 79 / 1067 / EEC.

In authorized laboratories, tests are carried out to determine the phosphotase activity in milk and milk products within the scope of chemical tests. These tests are based on the following standard:

  • TS 1019 Pasteurized milk