Ethyl Acetate determination (GC)

Determination of Ethyl Acetate (GC)
Determination of Ethyl Acetate (GC)

Ethyl acetate is an ester of ethanol and acetic acid and is used as a strong solvent in the art. Ethyl acetate, an organic compound, is in the form of a colorless liquid. Its production is increasing day by day. It is generally obtained in the industry by reaction of ethanol and acetic acid by Fischer esterification.

Ethyl acetate is generally used in the art as a diluent and solvent. It is preferred because of the low risk of poisoning, also because it has a pleasant odor and is inexpensive. For example, it is put in acetone to remove nail polish. In addition, this solvent has the power to remove caffeine in tea and coffee. It is also used as a hardener in paints.

The ester used in wine production is also the most known volatile organic acid, ethyl acetate, used in foods. The aroma of the ethyl acetate compound is more pronounced in fresh wines. However, if ethyl acetate is used excessively, the quality of the wine decreases. In this case, ethyl alcohol, which comes into contact with oxygen in the air, turns into acetaldehyde and the taste of the wine begins to vinegar.

Ethyl acetate is mainly used in paint and varnish production, printing and packaging sector, printing inks production, pharmaceutical industry, pesticide industry and aluminum foil production with its solvent and diluent properties.

In authorized laboratories, within the framework of chemical tests Determination of ethyl acetate is being done. In these studies, gas chromatography (GC) is the most commonly used method. The gas chromatography method, which is effective in the analysis and separation of gases and volatile substances, is also effective in the determination of ethyl acetate. A gas chromatography (GC) method is used to separate components which are gaseous or readily vaporizable in a mixture.

Laboratories comply with the standards issued by domestic and foreign organizations in these studies. The standard used in these studies is as follows:

  • TS 3307 Ethyl acetate used in industry