Ethyl Alcohol determination (Classical)

Ethyl Alcohol Determination (Classic)
Ethyl Alcohol Determination (Classic)

Ethyl alcohol determination studies are carried out in order to determine the presence of harmful substances in alcoholic beverages which may adversely affect human health or even cause deaths, especially in order to control the composition and quality and reliability of alcoholic beverages.

In the authorized laboratories, especially raki, wine, beer and all kinds of alcoholic beverages are analyzed using ethyl alcohol analysis methods. Whether alcohol and alcoholic beverages are produced in compliance with legal regulations, imitation and counterfeiting or whether they are suitable for human health is determined by applying advanced analysis methods.

Alcohol is as old as human history. People have used alcoholic beverages since early ages. Alcoholic beverages, which were consumed for the purpose of food in ceremonies, became a pleasure tool. Although it is known to have many negative effects on human health, alcohol consumption is increasing all over the world today. The main ingredient in all alcohol production is ethyl alcohol.

A number of communiqués on alcoholic beverages have been published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. For example,

  • Turkish Food Codex Communiqué on Distilled Alcoholic Beverages in 2005 (Communiqué no: 2005 / 11)
  • Turkish Food Codex Beer Communiqué in 2006 (Communiqué no: 2006 / 33)
  • Turkish Food Codex Wine Communiqué in 2009 (Communiqué no: 2008 / 67)

These communiqués regulate the principles for the production, preparation, processing, storage, storage, transportation and marketing of alcoholic beverages in accordance with the techniques and under hygienic conditions.

In authorized laboratories, within the framework of chemical tests determination of ethyl alcohol. In these studies, the abovementioned communiqués are complied with as well as the standards issued by domestic and foreign organizations. These standards are based on a few standards:

  • TS 1890 Absolute Ethyl Alcohol
  • TS 4204 Ethyl alcohol used in industry - Test methods - General