Meat-and-bone Flour, Kan Flour, Horn, Nail Calling (Precipitation Method)

Meat-Bone Flour, Blood Flour, Horn, Nail Search (Precipitation Method)
Meat-Bone Flour, Blood Flour, Horn, Nail Search (Precipitation Method)

Animal feeds are rich in protein. It is rich and balanced in terms of mineral substances, especially calcium and phosphorus.

Animal feeds are obtained by cooking animal by-products under heat and pressure, degreasing, chilling, drying and grinding by press or extraction method. Animal by-products that can be processed in this way can be 5 percent blood, 5 percent other wastes, 5 percent undefeated offal, and 5 percent bone. However, nail, horn, hair, stomach contents and skin should not be placed between them.

Meat-bone meal obtained by suitable methods is in a color between golden yellow and brown and its smell is like cooked meat smell. The nutrient content is different depending on the method employed. Excessive cooking adversely affects quality. The proportion of bone in the raw material also affects meat-bone quality. In addition, meat-bone flour should not be high in crude oil.

In order to obtain blood meal, the blood flowing after slaughtering the animals is collected and heated until coagulation. The water is then filtered and dried to grind. During the production of blood flour, foreign substances must not be mixed. The color of well-dried blood flours is between red and dark brown.

Prepared on the basis of Veterinary Services, Plant Health, Food and Feed Law and European Union directives, Feed Hygiene Regulation aims to ensure that feeds are produced in accordance with good production practices and feed hygiene principles, to inform feed manufacturer companies and to ensure better quality and reliable feeds for animals. with.


In authorized laboratories, animal feeds within the framework of chemical tests search for meat-bone meal, blood meal, horn and nail. Precipitation method is generally applied in these studies. This method is also used to determine which animal species the meat belongs to.