Vegetable Fat Calling (Milk ve Milk in products)

Vegetable Oil Search (Milk and Milk Products)
Vegetable Oil Search (Milk and Milk Products)

The composition of the milk also varies depending on the climatic and environmental conditions in which the animals live. It contains calcium, potassium, magnesium, sodium and phosphorus minerals. There are also vital amino acids and fatty acids. Lactose and milk fat are the main components of milk. 1 liters, the percentage of 3 is the amount of energy given by skimmed milk 615 kcal. Thanks to its ingredients and properties, milk is a food preservative. It buffers protein, acid and base vapors contained in milk and binds toxic heavy metals. Therefore, workers working in the chemical industry and coal mines are legally given milk for protection against poisoning.

An important part of milk fat is composed of complex triglycerides. In the content of milk, the total components outside the water are called dry matter. The chemical composition of the milk also significantly affects the nutritional value. In addition, a number of microorganisms may be present in the milk. These microorganisms affect the sensory properties and chemical reactions of milk.

The average amount of water in cow's milk is 87 percent, the amount of non-fat dry matter is 9, the amount of dry matter fat is 31 and the amount of fat is 4.

Raw milk means milk which is milked from animals at regular intervals, which is cooled and which does not contain any ingredients or that no substance is added to it, and that has not been processed.

The Turkish Food Codex Communiqué published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (Communiqué no: 2000 / 6) provides for the production, storage, transportation and marketing of milk used in the production of milk and dairy products under appropriate techniques and hygienic conditions. It defines.

In the laboratories, vegetable oil is searched for milk and dairy products within the scope of chemical tests. During these studies, the principles of the aforementioned communiqué are complied with.