Vegetable Products compositions Single or a Mixture In case of situated Aktif pharmaceutical components determination (Q-TOF / MS)

Determination of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Q-TOF / MS)
Determination of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Q-TOF / MS)

Today, active pharmaceutical ingredients form the basis of modern medicine. Many of the effective and innovative methods of treatment that are developing and applying are at the heart of active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Throughout human history, medicinal plants have been used to treat and protect against diseases. However, in recent years, the understanding of natural life has gained strength all over the world and the tendency to delay aging and to live longer and healthier has been increasing. In parallel, there is a huge increase in the use of medicinal herbal products and food supplements, herbal medicines and medicinal teas.

This tendency towards medicinal herbal products has led to the need for a more detailed examination of these products and this issue has started to take an important place in the field of pharmacy. The prevalence of the use of these products brings along public health problems. The general opinion is that herbal products are harmless because they are natural; In the face of this great interest in natural and herbal products, people and organizations who are not competent in medicine and health and do not have the necessary education and experience, offer irresponsible herbal products to the market. In our country, there are many products that are licensed by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock as supplementary food but put on the market as herbal treatment products. Because these products are not inspected and their contents are not fully controlled, they threaten human health up to death.

Within the scope of chemical tests in laboratories Determination of active pharmaceutical ingredients in single or mixture of herbal product compositions. Q-TOF / MS method is generally used during these studies. In this method, separation and mass spectra are quantitatively and quantitatively determined by liquid chromatography. At the same time, the standards adopted by local and foreign organizations are taken as basis during the studies.