acid insoluble Matter determination (naxnumxcoxnumx Denominated)

Determination of acid insoluble (Na2Co3)
Determination of acid insoluble (Na2Co3)

Sodium carbonate is a sodium derivative. It is generally used in the product composition of lime inhibitors, detergents and laundry bleaches. However, if the sodium carbonate rate is high, it will tear the laundry. Washing machines do not have limescale prevention. Moreover, it causes machines to malfunction. Sodium carbonate, a basic salt, is colorless, transparent and whitish in nature. Easily soluble in water. In fact, the substance commonly known as soda is not sodium carbonate. In the past, soda water was added to water when the laundry was boiled in boilers, or used in roll washing machines. This soda is a crystalline, lemon salt-like product. Soda is a substance made of sodium carbonate but diluted with water.

Acid-insoluble matter analyzes are generally performed in edible salts. Analysis of edible salts is carried out in accordance with TS 933 standard. Gravimetric method is applied in the analysis. The essence of the analysis is to dissolve the edible salt sample in 10 percent hydrochloric acid, filter and weigh the residual residue from the dissolution by drying. The acid-insoluble matter ratio is calculated using a given formula as a percentage by mass.

Turkish Food Codex Salt Communiqué (Ministry no. 2013 / 2013) by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in 48. This Communiqué was issued to determine the product properties in order to ensure that the processed salt and underground source salts, which are suitable for consumption as food, are produced, prepared, processed, stored, stored, transported and marketed under appropriate techniques and under hygienic conditions. This Communiqué covers processed and underground source salts, which are made available in packaged form.


In the laboratories, the determination of acid insoluble matter in terms of sodium carbonate is also performed within the scope of chemical tests. During the studies, the standards prepared by domestic and foreign organizations and the principles of the aforementioned communiqué are complied with.