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Acetyl Methyl Carbinol Assay
Acetyl Methyl Carbinol Assay

One of the chemical tests to determine the naturalness of food products is the determination of acetyl methyl carbinol. Acetyl methyl carbinol tests carried out by the authorities for the inspection of the food sector are also carried out by the manufacturing companies to determine the various factors in order to produce the products in a healthier way and to preserve their naturalness.

Food safety and quality is now an indispensable factor in the food industry. Not only in terms of consumer satisfaction, but also in the exportation of food products abroad, it is necessary to comply with quality standards. All kinds of food products should be tested and analyzed in accordance with the Turkish Food Codex, TSE standards and food regulations.

In this respect, it is important to determine the presence of acetyl methyl carbinol in food products and to determine whether they are natural.

Vinegar, for example, is a food obtained by fermentation of acetic acid from various fruits, especially grapes. Some of the vinegar producers add synthetic acetic acid into the vinegar. It is therefore necessary to determine the composition of the natural fermentation vinegar and to distinguish the synthetic acetic acid added thereto. The life of the carbon atoms is determined in laboratory studies and natural fermentation vinegar and acetic acid added vinegar are separated from each other. However, the number of laboratories that can measure radioactive carbons is not much. For this reason, acetyl methyl carbinol tests are performed to detect synthetic acetic acid added vinegars. However, in addition to this test, analyzes such as non-volatile acid, ash, sugar free solids, ester number and iodine number are made and acetyl methyl carbinol tests are provided to be more healthy and reliable.

In the laboratories, acetyl methyl carbinol tests are also performed within the scope of chemical tests and the standards prepared by domestic and foreign organizations are complied with in these studies.