Antibiotic amount (LC-MS / MS)

Antibiotic Amount (LC-MS / MS)
Antibiotic Amount (LC-MS / MS)

Today, different methods are used in animal breeding to cover the animal protein deficit. Antibiotics and similar drugs are used more and more today to treat diseases and to accelerate the development of animals and increase the yield of animal foods.

Antibiotics are substances that inhibit the growth of bacteria, even at extremely low concentrations synthesized by microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi. Antibiotic residues in animal foods are very important for human health. The presence of drug residues in foods such as meat, milk, eggs and honey, which are especially valuable for food, threatens human health. The conscious and controlled use of antibiotics in animals will minimize the risk of contamination of animal food products with drug residues. In order to protect human health against drug residues in foods, it is necessary to limit the types of drug residues and contamination levels to be found in animal foods.

In the field of food safety and agricultural research, Liquid Chromatography - Mass - Mass Spectrometer (LC-MS / MS) is used frequently. These devices, which are also used to determine the amount of antibiotics in animal foods, have been integrated and developed for qualitative residue analysis applications. High speed and accuracy results are obtained.

In the laboratories, animal feed analyzes such as cattle fattening feed, chicken fattening feed, bovine milk feed are carried out and different LC-MS / MS kits developed for different antibiotic types are used. In these studies, the standards prepared by local and foreign organizations are complied with. The following are a few published standards for various antibiotics found in feed additives:

  • TS 7264 Determination of erythromycin
  • TS 7266 Hygromycin B determination
  • TS 7267 Linkomycin determination
  • TS 7268 Determination of bacitracin
  • TS 7269 Lasalocyte determination
  • Determination of TS 7587 Monensin
  • TS 7588 Oleandomycin determination
  • TS 7591 Tilosin determination
  • TS 7594 Spectinomycin determination
  • TS 7595 Novobiocin determination
  • TS 7669 Flavomycin determination