alcohol insoluble Substances determination

Determination of Alcohol Insoluble Substances
Determination of Alcohol Insoluble Substances

Flavors are additives used in foods at a very high rate. It is especially preferred for increasing the flavor of foods and eliminating loss of taste. In addition, aromas are used to give desired odor and flavor properties to foods. There is a need for an intermediate solvent in order to distribute the flavors generally in the oil type in the food products. At this point, alcohol is a liquid that is frequently used as a solvent in aromas due to its easy availability and cheapness.

Almost two thirds of the alcohol produced in the world is consumed as a drink. The remainder is used in the industrial field, for example as an intermediate solvent. Apart from ethyl alcohol, other types of alcohol are used as solvents.

However, there are many areas in the food sector where alcohol is used for different purposes. Therefore, the determination of alcohol-insoluble substances is important for some manufacturers.

Solubility is an expression that defines the dissolution of a certain amount of a solute under certain conditions in a specified solvent. Solutions are generally obtained by mixing the solids in a liquid. The more similar the solvent and the molecular structure of the solutes, the greater the solubility. Therefore, each substance is insoluble in each substance. Organic compounds are soluble in the organic solvent and inorganic compounds are soluble in the inorganic solvent. For example, naphthalene is soluble in benzene but insoluble in water. Pressure has no effect on dissolution. However, temperature and resolution speed increase.

In the accredited laboratories, the determination of insoluble substances in alcohol is carried out within the scope of chemical tests and the standards prepared by domestic and foreign organizations and the test methods and test criteria accepted worldwide are complied with. With these efforts carried out in laboratories, a faster, better quality, reliable and impartial service is provided.