alcohol soluble Extract determination

Alcohol Soluble Extract Determination
Alcohol Soluble Extract Determination

The principle of the test method used to determine the amount of alcohol-soluble extract in spices is to extract the test sample with diethyl ether alcohol and to remove the volatiles. In this way, the remaining non-volatile residue is dried and weighed to determine the amount of extract dissolved in alcohol.

Turkish Food Codex Spice Communiqué (Communiqué no: 2013 / 2015) was published by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock in 12. This Communiqué was issued with the aim of determining the properties required to ensure that the spices are produced, prepared, processed, stored, stored, transported and placed on the market with appropriate techniques and hygienic conditions. The present disclosure encompasses all spices and mixtures of spices, ground, crushed and whole.

Spices, dried, parts of various plants such as bud, seed, kernel, flower, fruit, shell, stem, root, tuber, stem, leaf and onion are obtained in whole or crumbled or milled condition and taste, color, flavor to food products. and products used for fragrance. For example, anise, rosemary, black pepper, clove, thyme, red pepper, cumin, mahlep, lemon balm, fennel, sumac, cinnamon, ginger and turmeric are a variety of spices.

According to the Tables of Physical and Chemical Properties of Un-ground and Ground Spices (Annex 1 and 2), the lowest non-volatile ether extract dry matter content required in some spices is as follows: mustard percent 28, black pepper percent 6, black pepper percent 1 , red pepper percent 1, cinnamon percent 2, ginger 2 percent.

Determination of alcohol-soluble extracts within the scope of chemical tests are carried out in the authorized laboratories and the standards prepared by domestic and foreign organizations are complied with in these studies. The standard considered in this study is:

  • TS 2135 Spice - Determination of alcohol-soluble extract

This standard covers a method for determining the amount of non-volatile ether extract in spices. The method applied here is gravimetric.