Sulfated Ash determination

Determination of Sulphated Ash
Determination of Sulphated Ash

In 2006, the Turkish Food Codex Sugar Communiqué (Communiqué no: 2006 / 40) was published by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. This Communiqué was issued with the aim of ensuring the production, preparation, processing, storage, storage, transportation and marketing of the sugar production by proper methods and hygienic conditions and to determine the properties of sugar products. The communiqué covers white sugar, semi-white sugar, refined sugar, sugar solution, invert sugar solution, glucose syrup, dried glucose syrup, invert sugar syrup, fructose and powdered sugar.

According to the disclosure of sugar, the amount of sulphated ash must be less than 1 percent in glucose syrup and dried glucose syrup, and less than 0,25 percent in dextrose or dextrose monohydrate and dextrose or anhydrous dextrose. Dextrose or dextrose monohydrate is purified and crystallized glucose containing one molecule of crystal water. Dextrose or anhydrous dextrose is purified and crystallized glucose which does not contain crystalline water and the amount of dry matter is at least 98 by weight.

Among the analyzes carried out in the authorized laboratories within the scope of physical analyzes is the determination of the amount of sulphated ash. During these studies, the standards published by local and foreign organizations are complied with. Test methods and test criteria which are valid all over the world are also followed. In this way, reliable and unbiased results are obtained. The standards considered in these studies are as follows:

  • TS 10752 Glucose syrup - Edible

This standard covers the determination of impurities in glucose syrup, determination of total dry matter, determination of sulphate, determination of sulfur dioxide and determination of arsenic.

  • TS 6361 EN ISO 5809 Starch and products - Determination of sulphated ash
  • TS EN 1142 Fruit and vegetable juices - Determination of sulphate


This standard specifies the method for the determination of sulphate content in fruit and vegetable juices and products containing fruit and vegetable juices.