Su activity determination

Determination of Water Activity
Determination of Water Activity

Determining the factors that affect the amount of water in different forms in food products is important to understand the functions of water in food. Water activity is determined to identify critical points in food products or to predict possible deterioration.

Many organic materials, especially foods, have dehumidification and dehumidifying properties. The amount of moisture present in foods is an important indicator in terms of determining the texture of the food, its storage properties and microbial growth. In addition, water activity is an important indicator for controlling various chemical reactions in foods. Many microorganisms have a specific water activity. They cannot grow under this water activity.

In general, water activity is more closely related to the chemical, physical and biological properties of foods than to moisture content. Color, structure and stability changes in foods are affected by fluctuations in water activity.

There is a certain amount of water in all foods. In general, most of the foods that can be degraded rapidly due to chemical and biological changes contain high water. Throughout history, people have applied a number of methods to dehydrate food that can be spoiled and delayed spoilage.

Water activity is an important criterion in the storage and storage of foods. However, in practice, there are some limitations to water activity practices. For example, solid components carrying high humidity may dissolve, or dissolved components may turn into gels.

Various methods have been developed to determine water activity in foods. On the other hand, there are new methods. Today, more sensitive systems and methods are used. Control of water activity is especially important during the packaging, storage and processing of foods.

Within the scope of physical analysis, water activity determination studies are carried out in authorized laboratories. During these analyzes, standards and test methods published by national and international organizations are followed. In this way, more reliable and objective results are obtained.