Class Features determination

Determination of Class Properties
Determination of Class Properties

All food products presented to consumers in packaged or bulk form must be prepared according to the relevant techniques and produced in appropriate and hygienic conditions. In addition, all these food products must comply with the relevant Turkish Food Codex communiqués or standards designed and published on the basis of products. All these standards, criteria and limitations include the class characteristics of food products.

For example, the communiqués based on rice and lentils are as follows:

  • Turkish Food Codex Rice Communiqué (Communiqué no: 2001 / 10)
  • Turkish Food Codex Communiqué on Lentils (Communiqué no: 2003 / 25)

In addition, the standards for the classification of certain foods are as follows:

  • TS 1917 Processed nuts
  • TS 3075 Internal nuts
  • TS 1278 Sweet almond - Inner
  • TS 1275 Walnut - Shelled
  • TS 1276 Walnut - Interior
  • TS 1279 Pistachio - Shelled
  • TS 1280 Pistachio - Internal
  • TS 5086 Pumpkin seeds
  • TS 310 Peanut (shelled and internal)
  • TS 309 Sunflower seeds
  • TS 141 Beans
  • TS 142 Chickpeas
  • TS 308 Soybeans
  • TS 485 Dried apricots

The Turkish Food Codex communiqués and standards determining class characteristics are not limited to those listed above.

Within the scope of physical analyzes in authorized laboratories, analyzes are carried out for the determination of class properties for a wide range of food products. During these analyzes, standards, general test methods and test criteria published by national and international organizations are followed.


The class characteristics of food products are also a quality indicator. Quality is a combination of features that distinguish food products from their counterparts, play an important role in their preference by consumers, and can be measured and controlled. Food quality, raw material quality, auxiliary and additives used in production, the tools and realities used in production and applied technology are effective in many factors.