Ash ve Ham Ash determination

Ash and Raw Ash Determination
Ash and Raw Ash Determination

It is always important to use quality feed in animal production. Raw ash analyzes are also performed to determine the quality of feed. In particular, compound feeds must be produced in accordance with certain standards. In order to ensure this, it is important to conduct an inspection by taking samples from feed production and sales places in order to prevent the introduction of fraudulent feeds to the market.

Raw ash determination studies are carried out to determine the amount of inorganic matter in the feed. During the analyzes, the feed sample placed in the tared porcelain dish is burned in the ash furnace for 550-650 hours between 4-5 degrees. After the container has been removed from the oven, it is cooled and weighed. Calculations are made by putting the obtained data into a number of mathematical formulas.

Raw ash determination studies carried out in authorized laboratories are important in terms of using quality feed in animal production.

The determination of raw ash to determine the quality of feeds or determination of insoluble ash in 10 percent hydrochloric acid solution is important. With the determination of raw ash, the moisture content of the feeds is also checked for compliance with the standards.

Different methods are used to determine the quality of feeds and to determine nutrient contents. According to the Weende analysis method, one of these substances should be in the composition of feeds: water, crude ash, crude protein, crude cellulose, crude oil and nitrogen-free extracts.

When determining the amount of crude ash, the feed sample is extracted using organic solvents such as ether, chloroform, benzene or toluene.

Analyzes to determine the amount of ash and raw ash in animal feeds are carried out within the scope of physical analyzes in authorized laboratories. During these analyzes, the standards published by local and foreign organizations are complied with. At the same time, generally accepted test methods and test criteria are followed and reliable and objective results are obtained.