Crystal Color determination (Braunschweig Score)

Crystal Color Determination (Braunschweig Score)
Crystal Color Determination (Braunschweig Score)

In order to determine the quality of white sugar, Braunschweig points system, which has been applied in Germany for many years, is applied in laboratories. In various tests to determine sugar quality, it is generally expected to give a complete idea of ​​the areas where sugar will be used. For example, for companies producing sugared beverages, the color of the sugar solution and the presence of substances which can precipitate in acidic environments are important. Foam tests and color changes at the time the sugar is heated are important for confectionery manufacturers. In daily life, the color of sugar crystals is generally important for consumers.

When designing the Braunschweig points system, all these points are taken into consideration to the extent possible. The quality of white sugar is determined according to the score obtained by this method. In Braunschweig scoring system, the color type of sugar, the color and turbidity value of the solution and the ash (conductometric) value are scored.

In these tests, the color of the sugar is visually compared with artificially colored standard samples under standardized conditions. It is a subjective method, but the effect of the color of sugar in the human eye is important. The standard sugars used in the tests are prepared at the Braunschweig Sugar Institute. Nowadays, instead of using such a subjective measure, studies are continuing on an objective measurement method based on light reflection. In this method, a photocell that will detect the crystal size and brightness will be used. Studies have not yet reached a conclusion.

The Turkish Food Codex Communiqué (Communiqué no: 99 / 10) issued by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs defines white sugar as follows:

  • Solution color not exceeding 25 ICUMSA
  • Solution color 25 Invert sugar solution and invert sugar syrup with ICUMSA unit and ash content not exceeding 0.1 percent

Studies for the determination of the crystal color of sugars are carried out within the scope of physical analyzes in authorized laboratories. During these tests, standards, general test methods and test criteria published by domestic and foreign organizations are followed.