Et Core rate determination

Determination of Meat Core Ratio
Determination of Meat Core Ratio

Olives grown in the same region, depending on the state of a number of physical and chemical properties and maturation period may vary. These differences also affect the quality of naturally produced olive oils. In various studies conducted in this direction, the general characteristics of olives are revealed and sensory, oxidative, economic and health maturity levels are determined according to the locations where olive species are grown.

In this study, a certain number of randomly selected olives are weighed one by one on a delicate balance, and then the fleshy parts of the fruits are picked up from the core and re-weighed separately. Finally, the total weight of the fruit is obtained by subtracting the total seed weight from the total fruit weight. When the weight of the flesh and the weight of the flesh are compared to each other, the flesh ratio occurs.

In general, the percentage of fruit flesh of olive grains varies between 66 and 85. This differentiation depends on the type and maturity of olives. During the ripening process, the meat rates of the fruits increase, but after a certain degree of maturity, the meat rates begin to decrease. This decline is variable according to the olive variety.

Approximately three-quarters of the grown olives are processed as oil, the rest is used as table olives. In both domestic and foreign markets, the meat core ratio is the most important physical feature that determines the quality of olives.

Meat core ratio determination studies are performed in accredited laboratories within the scope of physical analysis. During these analyzes carried out in laboratories accredited by domestic and foreign accreditation organizations, standards published by domestic and foreign organizations are complied with. At the same time, generally accepted test methods and test criteria are followed and reliable and objective results are obtained.

These laboratories have a strong technological infrastructure and experienced and trained employees.