electrical Conductivity determination

Electrical Conductivity Determination
Electrical Conductivity Determination

Essentially electrical conductivity refers to the opposite of electrical resistance. Electrical conductivity analysis is performed to determine the amount of dissolved ions in the water. Water containing ions is a conductor. The electrical conductivity of water naturally varies depending on the type, density, values ​​and transportable properties of the ions dissolved in it. The purer the water, the lower its conductivity. The higher the dissolved salt concentration in the water, the higher the electrical conductivity. Using these properties, the electrical conductivity of the water is measured and the total amount of salt dissolved in the water is determined.

The conductivity of natural waters is very low. Inorganic compounds have high electrical conductivity and organic compounds have very low current conductivity. The measured resistance size of the water sample depends on the conductivity vessel properties and the properties of this vessel must also be taken into account.

In simple terms, conductivity is the numerical value of the ability of a water sample to carry electricity. Similarly, the numerical value of the ability of an aqueous solution to carry electricity is an indicator of conductivity.

Electrical conductivity analyzes are also included within the scope of physical analyzes performed in authorized laboratories. While performing these analyzes carried out in laboratories accredited by domestic and foreign accreditation organizations, the standards published by domestic and foreign organizations are followed in order to ensure that the results are reliable and impartial.

For example, the following standard is used for the measurement of electrical conductivity in all water types:

  • TS 9748 EN 27888 Water quality - Determination of electrical conductivity

As a more specific example, the following standard method is used to determine the electrical conductivity of honey:

  • TS 13366 Honey - Determination of electrical conductivity

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